Including all common PC and PEs, with hexanoyl, lauroyl, palmitoyl, oleoyl, stearoyl, linoleyl, and arachidonoyl tails. Trial topologies for a sphingolipid, ceramide, and for PG and PS lipids are also included. Lipids with two heads (bolalipids) are available as well.


And here you can find the glycolipids, including MGDG, DGDG, PI, PIPs, GM1 and more ....

martini_v2.0_glycolipids.itp  (10 Oct 2013 - fix of PIP1 and GCER parameters)

martini_v.2.0_glycolipids_old2.itp (13 Sep 2013 - fix of GM1 and PIP2 parameters)