Martini 3 open-beta release

martini cocktailWe gladly announce the release of the open beta version of MARTINI 3. This first glance of the new MARTINI includes all the necessary files to perform CG simulations of phospholipid bilayers and proteins. In the near future, new models for other molecules will also be included in this open beta. So, continue visiting our website to be updated with the news. The main goal of this release is to get feedback from the scientific community. Reporting problems in our forum will help us in the improvement of the force field, which also increase the chances of your favorite system be properly working in the near future. Good feedback is also welcome for the sake of the developers. Be aware, the parametrization is still on-the-fly, which means that the CG models used (from the interaction between beads to the bonded parameters) can/will change until the release and publication of the definitive version.

You can find the open-beta input parameters here.