New Martini 3 tutorials

As part of the recent online Martini workshop, we developed a large number of new tutorials featuring the latest Martini 3 models. You can find the tutorials here, as well as a number of webinars on various aspects of Martini 3 and related tools. Enjoy !

New tools

ct1c00295_0009.gifct1c00322_0015.gifNew Martini tools are popping up like snails in my backyard, with the difference that the tools are welcome additions whereas the snails are not.

Check these papers for an updated backmapping tool from the Stansfeld group, and a brand new ATB from Miller and coworkers.

Martini workshop 2021



The Martini workshop was a great success - thanks to all who contributed to the meeting. The gather town setting made us feel like we were actually interacting with each other, and the cocktails at the bar almost tasted real. We are already thinking about another such meeting during winter time, but of course hope to welcome you in Groningen for an onsite meeting in due time !

Temperature gradients



Be careful simulating membranes containing cholesterol to avoid temperature gradients developing. Read how to handle these systems in the publication that just appeared in JPCB, by Thallmair et al.:

Molecular Postman

molecular postman oil paintings.png

Together with researchers from Utrecht University, we have been able to visualize the 'molecular postman' that delivers important proteins, like antibodies and some hormones, to the outside of the cell. The research is published today in Molecular Cell: